Laser Engraving Wood

laser etched wood plaqueLaser engraved wood produces a great contrast.  Soft woods like balsa or popular are especially attractive as the burned edge makes a noticeable contrast for designs, logos, and images or photograph etchings.  Laser engraved wood doesn’t take much power either.  Fifty watts is probably good enough to etch or engrave even harder woods.  It’s when you need to cut clean through wood is where you need to step up your power.  This is especially true if your cutting plywoods, MDF, OSB, any man made type of wood will take a lot of power to cut through.

You can purchase a laser cutters for wood at different cutting area widths and power options ranging from 30 up to 1kw of power.  Most engravers will need not much more than 50 to 60W whereas if you need to cut wood a minimum of 90 watts is needed.  90 watts will get through 1/4″ mdf wood at around 1/2″ second.

There are various laser suppliers or retailers to select from.  Epilog is a USA branded company that retails at the very top end.  BossLaser also offers a laser cutter at an affordable price and does offer higher end power options for cutting wood.    You can find affordable options with companies who source components from different countries and assemble them to keep costs down.  You can find affordable laser engravers at as well.

Laser engraving balsa is great for decor, models, and crafts.  Whereas hard woods are great for signs and plaques.

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