Where To Get Laser Engraving Supplies?

If you’re looking for laser engraving supplies whether its laserable materials like acrylic, wood, anodized aluminum, glass just to name a few then you can check out this resource.  I have discovered laser cutting and engraving supplies here to be very reasonable in terms of price as well as backed by warranty should the material not do what you want.  If you have resources other than the link above feel free to leave a comment below for the benefit of other laser cutter owners…


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One Response to “Where To Get Laser Engraving Supplies?”

  1. Mike Gebhardt says:

    My laser cutter is over 3 years old and finally needs a few new laser supplies/accessories including a 2″ focal lens (prefer US made optics), a 40 or 45 watt laser tube, and a water chiller for cooling the tube. I don’t want to buy any laser accessories from Amazon or Ebay because of the bad rep from getting laser support from many of the vendors there.